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Gary Henderson and his son-in-law, Joseph Santana, discovered they both have a love for coins and collectibles.


Gary started collecting pennies about 60 years ago when he was eleven.  Collecting became a FEVER!  Whether it was sitting around the kitchen table looking through rolls of circulated pennies with his dad or spending his paper route money to add to his quarter and half-dollar collection, he loved every minute of it!  College, a wife and family, and a career put his collecting on hold for several years.  Then when his dad died, as he was considering getting rid of their collections, the bug hit again.  His passion became IOWA (where he grew up) TRADE TOKENS AND CENTENNIALS.  He even published an 800-page book on Iowa trade tokens twelve years ago.

Moving to New Mexico in 1984 (and Las Cruces in 1989), he branched out into TOKENS AND CENTENNIALS from his new state.  He loved the western flavor of what was available here and spent a lot of time either on eBay or visiting coin or antique shops looking for additions to his collection.

Finally, COINS hit again!  It started with silver and gold coins from the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, then into U.S. coins, especially three-cent coins from the 19th century.  Collecting silver in many different beautiful forms became the next interest.  The America the Beautiful silver five oz coins were a great way to collect silver and remember the many national parks he had toured.   He also loved the quality of old Franklin mint sets and the wonderful subjects they represented.  Gary has felt that Las Cruces needed a coin and collectibles shop for years!  When his daughter and son-in-law and family decided to move back to Las Cruces, it seemed like the perfect opportunity!


Joseph Santana has also had collecting in his blood from an early age.  He collected baseball cards as a child and loved them.  He has caught the passion for coins from his father-in-law, and enjoys collecting beautiful bullion coins, especially the Queen Beasts coins from Great Britain.  Then he branched out into United States coins by taking the AMERICAN NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION’S DIPLOMA course to become a numismatic scholar. Besides these interests, he has considerable experience in the collectibles area as he worked with estate sales in the Denver area.  He became their G0-TO GUY for anything in the coin, token, or medals area.  He invests in silver, and would love to SHARE HIS INVESTMENT EXPERTISE in the precious metals markets with you.


For investment purposes, Joseph or Gary will show you American Eagle gold coins, gold Krugerrands, or Mexican Gold Libertads.  Or for investing in silver, it may be U.S. American Eagles, South African Krugerrands, Chinese Pandas, Mexican Libertads, Australian Kookaburras, or Great Britain Queen Beasts.   Whatever your needs or desires are, they will be eager to serve you!


Joseph and Gary’s desire is to not only help collectors FIND THEIR NEXT ADDITIONS to their collections, but to offer a FAIR PRICE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS for their gold, silver, coins, and collectibles that they might want to sell.  They will be buying gold and silver jewelry in addition to coins, tokens, medals, and other collectibles.  Please stop in to look around, or to get an appraisal of your coins or valuables!

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